Thursday, October 15, 2009

A little help from my friends...

I need some help and it will only take 2 seconds of your time. Please click the banner below to visit this band's website to help my sister win a contest and I will be totally grateful! :) All it takes is to click and I promise it's not spam. Thanks in advance!!!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Take it all for $10 plus 2 freebies!

Yep... for my last 2 days only, you can snag everything in my store for only $10! I am taking a break from designing to go to school so take what you want for a buck each or everything for only 10 bucks. All my products are S4H ok, web use ok, and a few CU ok. This deal ends tomorrow and most of these items will never be released again! Click below to get it now.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Accordion Album + Dollar Day!

Jas of jscrapbug created this amazing Accordion Album using my Splish Splash kit and was kind enough to let me sell it to help raise money for school supplies and books! What a sweetheart! Check out her store and blog. Oh, and guess what??? It's on sale for only $1.00 as is everything else in my store for my retirement sale! Click the preview to go to my store.

It's Dollar Day at Pretty Scrappy... today only, tons of items are marked down to $1.00. Click the preview to see what I have on sale.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Yes, it's official. I am leaving the design world. But not forever... I will be back after I finish school, most likely in January.

The past 2 years has been quite a journey and I am going to miss it while I am gone, but most of all I am going to miss all of you! You know who you are... you are the ones that stuck by and kept coming back throughout 2 deaths in my family, and Hurricane Ike turning our lives upside down for several months in 2008. I haven't told you enough how much I appreciated all the comments and support you have given me. THANK YOU!!!

Next month I will be going back to school to finish off the degree I started on years ago. If all goes well I will be back on the saddle again in January! he he. I am going for Elementary School teaching and hope to start teaching once my little ones go to school. OH! Would you believe my 3 year old is going to pre school next month too? Eeeek! I am a nervous wreck. LOL I have been at home with her since the day she was born and she has never gone to day care so this will be quite a transition for her. She is super excited, although I don't think she really grasps the whole concept quite yet. At least with me going to school at the same time it will help me keep my mind from wondering what she is doing every second of the day. he he

Ok, back on topic... Everything in my whole store is only $1.00 and I have a new alpha out as well. Check it out!

Goodbye for now... I am continuing my hybrid CT work at Digiscrap Addicts and Scrap Matters so I am sure I will see a lot of you around the forums. :-)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pssst... BIG announcement!

Hi all! I have a big announcement to make and I posted it on my new blog. This will probably be one of my last posts here so if you want to, subscribe to my new blog's rss feed or you can also sign up for my newsletter on the sidebar on my new blog. Click here to find out the big news!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Crossing my hybrid fingers!

I worked up the nerve to apply for the Scrap Matters hybrid CT. Wish me luck! I just uploaded a few of my hybrid projects to their gallery. Wanna see? Feel free to leave me some love if you'd like. ;) he he

Hybrid Curved Flap Card
Hybrid Mini-Backpack

Hybrid Pillowbox

So I don't know when I will hear back but I am crossing my fingers and toes. I want this so bad!

Did I tell you all I was invited to join the hybrid team at Digiscrap Addicts? Woot Woot! In this month's "Enabler" coming next week you will get a tutorial on how I made the curved flap card in the first link above. Fun fun! It is my new addiction! I am TOTALLY honored to be a part of such an awesome site!

On that note, here is the template that I created for the project. It is available at Pretty Scrappy.

Pick it up here for only 2 bucks for a limited time.

Friday, June 5, 2009

As promised... Splish Splash freebie

Yesterday I gave you a peek at my new kit Splish Splash. Today I want to show you what amazing layouts were created with it by such an amazing bunch of scrappers! I do not have a CT yet, but since I am getting more active design-wise I just may be holding a CT call soon so keep your eyes peeled for the ad soon! :) Several scrappers even made some quick pages up and this week only, if you buy the kit you will get the quick pages for free! I even have a 2 page set of 8x8 quick pages for you as well, also created by the same bunch of talented gals I found over at Digishop Talk.

If you would like to leave some luv for any of these ladies you can find their layouts here.

Buy my new kit Splish Splash and get the Quick Pages free. This promo ends June 14th at midnight (CST) Add both items to your cart and the discount will appear at checkout.

In case you missed it yesterday, here is the kit and the quickpages up close...

And last but certainly not least, here is your freebie! Click the preview to take you to the download page. No need to check out, simply click the download link in the store. Thank you to everyone that submitted layouts for me to include. Happy scrapping!

P.S. Head on over to my new blog and sign up for my all NEW newsletter on the right side. You will automatically be sent a special members only coupon! Click here