Saturday, August 30, 2008

Live: ABC bragbook "I" and up to 80% off at Pretty Scrappy

I'm baaaaaaaaack!!! Thanks for being patient while I got everyhing caught up! You all are the best and I love reading all of your comments and emails. I loved co-hosting the chats at DSC last week and thanks to those of you that showed up. We had a lot of fun and Julie and Barbara, ya'll were cracking me up!

Check out the stalker blinkie Julie made, isn't it cool??? Snag it if ya wanna! If you do put it on your blog and link me I'll email you a special gift!

In case you haven't heard... Pretty Scrappy now has 35 designers and they have overstocked the store! We are retiring tons of stuff and everything is on sale storewide to celebrate their Grand Opening. Up to 80% off and everything is S4H friendly!

Oh, and check your receipt after your purchase. If you have order# 4000 you get your entire purchase for free! We're sitting at order # 3864 at the time of this post, so I'm predicting a Sunday winner!

Click here to go to the shop

HOT sales going on now!

Pretty Scrappy 50-80% off

Kiere's Creations 50-80% off

Kakleidesigns 30-60% off

Creations by Rachael everything $2.50

byGodsdesign everything $2.50

Butterfly Hollow Designs 50% off

Denise G Designs 50% off

Designs by Angel 50% off

Designs by Mel 50% off

Echo's Scraps 50% off

Inspired Mommie Designs 50% off

Lady V dZine 50% off

My Sweet Tater 50% off

Stacey Crossley 50% off

Kathy's Scraps 25-50% off

Babyyaks 40% off

Late Night Scraps 40% off

SandraK Designs 35% off

BB's Blue Button 30% off

Dorothy's Creations 30% off

Jaydensmama 30% off

Mariscrap 30% off

Munchkyn Scraps 30% off

ScrappyShannon 30% off

Share Your Moments 30% off

Just Passin' Thru 25% off

88 Designs by M 25% off

Xandra Martin Designs 24% off

And let's not forget about your not-so-daily freebie!

Monday, August 25, 2008

With A Cherry On Top! New Kit & Freebie

I feel so bad my poor blog has been neglected for 4 days!! To fill you in, Pretty Scrappy is growing in a BIG way. In the past 2 weeks we have doubled our creative team and nearly tripled our design team. We now have 35 designers, can you believe it? If I posted all the new products now in the store the list would be a mile long so I will spare you. Stop by the store and check it out! We also upgraded to a new forum with lots of cool new features. With all the new designers I have been spending every waking moment (literally) for the past couple weeks getting everything set up and helping everyone get started.

I swear I will get back to the Live Laugh Love freebies VERY soon! If you purchased the "Buy my whole shop for $20" deal then you will be happy to hear I have added most of the past freebies to the store, so go get 'em! I have plans to add the rest today. Also, as a gift to you all I am extending the download time till October 1st. That means anything I add to the store between now and then is yours FREE as well! If you haven't taken advantage of the offer yet here it is... Click the image

I needed to come up with something for the birthdays at another store I am in. It felt so strange designing something that wasn't Live Laugh Love related, lol. Right now you can get it for only 2.49.

Teri, one of our new CT members made this adorable quick page with my new kit "A Cherry On Top" that she would like to share with you all. I just love her blog and her layouts are fabulous. It comes with and without the word-art. Click the preview below to go snag it!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tropical Punch Giveaway at DSC

Digital Scrap Connection is hosting a Designer Giveaway! That's right! Designers have come together to create a mega-kit free for DSC members! Attend the Tropical Punch Kick-off Chat at 10am EST in the morning to get the download info and have a chance to win additional prizes.

There will be two other designer chats on Friday night and Saturday night plus there is a layout contest in conjunction with the free mega-kit.

I will be co-hosting the kick-off chat with Mona (DSC owner) at 10am EST Friday morning. It should be lots of fun and I hope to see a few familiar faces. Come in, say hi, collect a TON of freebies. Woo-hoo!

Here is a little freebie I made for the giveaway... It's a palm tree for your tropical layouts. I made it pretty big so you could resize. Click the preview to download.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Live: ABC bragbook "H"

Well, I haven't been keeping up with the daily posts, but I'm making up for it lately with triple freebie posts in one day. lol I guess it all works out. Things have been crazy on the home front, but in a good way! Now that the baby is crawling, cruising the furniture and falling down incessantly I haven't been able to find much designing time during the time the girls are awake. I can remember when my 2 year old would color quietly next to me and the baby would lay content in her bouncer. Ahhhh, those were the days, lol. I hope you all had fun riding the Pretty Scrappy blog train. If you missed any brag book pages from Saturday's event, the links will stay active for till Tuesday night.

Here is your triple freebie!

Live "H" ABC brag-book

Laugh "H" ABC brag-book

Love "H: ABC brag-book

Links working...

If you had trouble when you came to stop #4 (Jamie) on the Pretty Scrappy blog train, her links are now working. Go snag her beautiful brag book pages! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hop on the Pretty Scrappy Blog Train!

The Pretty Scrappy Design Team and Creative Team have all come together to create a really super brag book set for you all. All items they used came from our new "Fun at the Fair" designer MEGA-collab kit. You can pick this kit up for only $4.99 or FREE with any purchase of $20.00 or more. (links will be manually given)

There is so much awesome stuff in this HUGE kit that we each give you a little preview of it's contents along the way.

Preview 1 from "Fun at the Fair"

Join the Pretty Scrappy Designers for some Fun at the Fair! This vibrant collab celebrates the festivals that we all love so much! With hotdogs, funnel cakes, ferris wheels, and games galore, this kit is sure to make your head spin. Over 750 MB of fun-loving scraps to make the most of your memories. This HUGE kit consists of over 100 papers and almost 200 unique elements! This has got to be the best kit the Pretty Scrappy Design Team has designed to date! Grab this kit while you can! This kit will be retired August 31st, never to be released again! Get this amazing kit FREE with any purchase of $20 or more! Links will be manually distributed.

"Fun at the Fair" Designer Collab Kit

Save: 50% off

We have such a talented creative team here. Here are a few layouts created with this kit.

For stop 1 on the Pretty Scrappy blog train I have a set of 3 brag book pages for you. Click the preview to download.

Check out the awesome brag-book/quick-page set Maggie M of the Pretty Scrappy Creative Team has made for you. Click the preview to download.

Follow the train to stop #2

2. Angel
3. Debi
4. Jamie
5. Julie
6. Karen
7. Kathy
8. Lillian
9. Nikki
10. Rachael
11. Tammy
12. Virginia

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Love: Bow-nanza Vol. 2

There are 3 huge freebies today. Scroll down to the other posts to catch them all. We are currently having a CT call as well as a designer call and an advertiser call. Take a look below and email me to apply.

Here is the last set for you today... I will have more for you soon! Call me butter baby, cuz I'm on a roll!

Laugh: Bownanza Vol. 2

Here is part 2 of your freebies today. This was funny... I went to go make up the preview and realized that I already had the whole part 1 and 2 in the first download. lol! So if you already got Volume 1 for Laugh, then you have both sets. If you didn't catch it then lucky you! You get both Vol. 1 and 2 in one download. :)

Live: Bownanza Vol. 2

Welcome to another huge freebie-thon, lol. I finished up all 3 sets of the Bow-nanza, so I'll be uploading them all tonight. My 2 year old decided it would be a good idea to make a waterfall out of our refrigerator's water dispenser, lol. What a mess. We just got that all cleaned up, so this extra design time really helped mellow me out. he he he

Here ya go! Part 1 of 3

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Love: Quickpage #3

Oh, in case you missed it yesterday... We are having many HUGE sales right now at Pretty Scrappy. Tons of items are up to 60% off only through the weekend. Click the preview below to take you there!

Here is the third and final part of the 3 quickpages made by Creations by Rachael from the "Love" collection.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Love: Quickpage #2

Here is part 2 of the 3 part quickpages from Creations by Rachael. All products used are from the "Love" collection.

Love: Quickpage #1

Rachael of Creations by Rachael created three beautiful Quick-Pages from items in the "Love" collection to give away as a freebie for you all! She is an awesome designer and part of the Pretty Scrappy Design Team. Check out her latest addition to the shop, Summertime Grill. Right now it is only $3.25 for the Server Overload sale going on in the shop. Click the preview for details.

And did you know we are having a HUGE Retirement Sale and Server Overload Sale? Hop on over to Pretty Scrappy for up to 60% off!

Part 1 of 3

Friday, August 8, 2008

Love: ABC brag book: G

(If you are an email subscriber scroll down... This is the 3rd freebie today)

Ok, I've lost it. I've gone completely insane. You can have all you can download now till the end of August. This includes all items by Pretty Scrappy, including CU items! This offer will never come back, so catch it while you can! All of my items are OK for S4H/S4O with no credit required. When you purchase, download the zip file. Inside you will find the coupon code that will allow you to get it all for FREE till September 1st!

Part 3!!! Here is your "Love" G brag book page!

"Laugh" ABC brag book: G

2 in one day? he he he... I told you it would be worth the wait and more freebies are on the way!

Live: ABC bragbook: G and 60% off SALE Extended!

I'm back with your freebie as promised! And guess what? I survived!!! lol Actually we got really lucky. Overnight the storm didn't strengthen into a hurricane and to top it off, it changed course and all we got was the outer bands. Yay!!!

The hurricane sale last weekend totally overloaded our servers with all the traffic in the shop, so we're back up and ready to do it again! lol To make up for the server crash, this weekend only we are having a Server Overload Sale!!! Up to 60% off throughout the entire shop, not just my stuff! So hurry over and see what we've been up to!

HOT sales going on now!
60% off Pretty Scrappy
45% off Kakleidesigns
30% off Share Your Moments
25% off Kathy's Scraps
25% off Creations by Rachael
25% off Lady V dZine
20% off Kiere's Creations

Thank you all for your concern about my family's safety! I swear, you all are the best! If it weren't for all the super-sweet comments and emails you send me I don't know what I'd do! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As you all may know, I am adding a few more team members join Pretty Scrappy including an advertiser, design team members, creative team members, and a team of quality assurance product inspectors. We are in search of all of the above, so if you or someone you know might be interested in applying, send me an email at and I will send you the details!

Here is the "G" bragbook page for "Live" and the others will be following soon!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Live: ABC bragbook ""


I SOOOO wanted to post a HUGE freebie for you all but we are doing hurricane prep. I will be offline all day, and if all goes well I should be back on tomorrow. Tropical Storm Eduoard is expected to be a category 1 hurricane before making landfall around noon (heavy rains and storms should start about 7am) with a direct hit on Galveston Island. I live on the island within eyesight of the beach, so we are taking all precautions. Wish us luck! I am getting super-nervous being this is the 1st hurricane we are deciding not to evacuate! It's 3am here so it should be starting soon!

You know I like to find any reason to have a sale, so everything in my shop is 60% off today only!!! Hurricane sale! Stock up now!!!

Click here before everything is washed away!

***All items in the ad above are from the Ocean Friends charity collab kit in the shop***

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fun at the Fair Mega-Collab & Freebie!

Can you believe it's August already? The time is just flying by, and so many photos to scrap! Take a look at the amazing kit the Pretty Scrappy designers have come up with! Denise of Denise G Designs has created an awesome freebie for you all as well! This HUGE kit consists of over 100 papers and almost 200 unique elements! This has got to be the best kit the Pretty Scrappy Design Team has designed to date! Click any of the previews to buy it now. But hurry, this kit is being retired soon as we are switching to a 100% S4H friendly store! Oh yeah... I forgot to mention. For a limited time we are throwing in a 15 page brag book created with this kit! Can it get any better? YES!!! As a subscriber here is a coupon for $1.00 off, making it only $4.99 for this HUGE kit! Use coupon code: collab at checkout.

"Fun at the Fair" Designer Collab Kit w/ Bonus
Retail: $9.99
Now Only: $4.99 with coupon
Save: 50% off
Enter coupon code: collab at checkout!

Here's a preview of the BONUS 15 page brag book included with this kit:

Buy the brag book by itself for only 2.99 or get it FREE with purchase of the kit above!

Preview Overload!!!

And here is an awesome desktop wallpaper FREEBIE from Denise G Designs. Click the preview, then right-click and save!

Remember, use coupon code: collab to get the HUGE kit above for only $4.99 and for a limited time get the 15 page brag book FREE with purchase! Click here to buy it now!