Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I SOOOO wanted to post a HUGE freebie for you all but we are doing hurricane prep. I will be offline all day, and if all goes well I should be back on tomorrow. Tropical Storm Eduoard is expected to be a category 1 hurricane before making landfall around noon (heavy rains and storms should start about 7am) with a direct hit on Galveston Island. I live on the island within eyesight of the beach, so we are taking all precautions. Wish us luck! I am getting super-nervous being this is the 1st hurricane we are deciding not to evacuate! It's 3am here so it should be starting soon!

You know I like to find any reason to have a sale, so everything in my shop is 60% off today only!!! Hurricane sale! Stock up now!!!

Click here before everything is washed away!

***All items in the ad above are from the Ocean Friends charity collab kit in the shop***


Ariana said...

OH, NO! I didn't even know there was a tropical storm out there. Way to be uninformed! I live in south Florida - right where the two hurricanes hit in 2003 (and one in 2004), so I totally feel your pain. Good luck!!

michelle said...

I live so far inland that I practically have no idea what happens when you live in the path of a tropical storm. I hope you have bottled water and batteries and other necessities!!

Best wishes for a safe day!

Ariana said...

Hi, I know I posted yesterday, too - I just wanted to say I hope you're all safe and sound and have power and running water!

shmoop said...

be safe....the link doesn't work for me:(