Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Beginnings: Charity Collab Kit for me?

I am truly blessed, let me tell you how. As many of you know, Hurricane Ike ripped through Galveston Island, flipping my life and thousands of others, upside down. Several designers on my design team coordinated what they so dearly named as "Casey's Cause." They sent cards, clothes, toys, diapers and gift cards that helped my family in a way no one will ever understand. It is thanks to them that we are back in our home and on the road to recovery! This is something I will be forever grateful for. As if this wasn't enough, not only the Pretty Scrappy design team, but other designers as well, came together to create a charity collab kit in my honor. 100% of the proceeds of the sales of the "New Beginnings" collab kit go toward helping my us repair the damages to our home and replace the lost toys and clothes for the girls. I know, can you believe it??? When they broke the news to me I was in tears. Keep reading to see this beautiful kit. It is absolutely GINORMOUS and is by far my favorite kit ever. Several of you emailed me to ask how you can help... This is how you can. Thank you to everyone that left comments and emails throughout the hardest time of my life. Your uplifting words and concern helped keep me going.

When tragedy struck, a close knit community of designers banded together to bring you this wonderful collaboration. A freshly colored palette was used in honor of New Beginnings... making this kit perfect for all YOUR New Beginnings. Click the preview below to see more!

Includes 136 Papers, 236 Elements and 2 Alphas

Proceeds go to helping a fellow digi-scrapper Casey (Pretty Scrappy) owner/designer of Pretty Scrappy to help her family recover from Hurricane Ike.

The designers got a little carried away again while making the collab!! So theres also a wonder add-on to New Beginnings. In addition, our highly talented team have teamed up to create a 4x6 brag book album from this amazing kit! 16 pages total!

Check out this 32 page Bracket Album as well!

Thanks again for all your love and support!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Sunset" Designer Mega-Collab and QP album is here!

The Pretty Scrappy blog train is back with a brand new twist. This month's kit is by far the best. This beautiful kit is over 600mb and has been checked 100% for quality by our Quality Team. Click the preview below to see more!

In addition, our highly talented designers and Quick-Page Team have teamed up to create a 12x12 quick page album from this amazing kit! Score the whole 44 page set FREE with your order of $25 or more. (album set automatically adds to your cart when you reach the minimum)

Several of us have created 4x6 brag book pages for your downloading pleasure! Visit each stop to snag them up. Click the preview to download.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wanna get RAK'ed and score some free kits?

Hi everyone! I will be getting back in the swing of things within the next month, so if you have been collecting the freebies from my Live, Laugh, and Love collections, have no fear... I'm coming back and the new stuff will be better than ever!

I wanted to post that there are 3 RAKs available in our forum with no replies yet, so head on over and express your interest to receive some free kits! Click here

Also, we just recently opened up our new store, so head on over and enjoy 35% off your entire order. (Discount will be automatically deducted at checkout)We have over 30 designers with hundreds of items to choose from! Come celebrate with us! Click the image to join in the fun!

My little girl just had her 1st birthday and I cannot help but share a quick pic. I had no time to edit it so forgive me, lol

Friday, October 3, 2008

Update after the hurricane

I apologize for not updating you all sooner. Here is what has been going on for the last 3 weeks.

We left the hotel the morning of the last post. It was me, my husband, Chloe (2 years) and Zoe (11 months) my mom, dad, sister, brother in law, their little girl (15 months) my brother, and his girlfriend. We have a small family, so we all stick together. As some of you may remember, my grandfather passed away this past Easter and lived in a small 2 bedroom house (apartment small) so we decided to go stay at his old house. At the time there was no electricity and water. Without getting into too much detail, the living conditions were rough but at least we were all together. We slept on the floor with no blankets, pillows, nothing but the clothes on our backs. We thought this was like any other hurricane evacuation and thought we would be back in a day or two so no one packed any more than you would for a weekend. It was miserable but we managed for the last 3 weeks. They just let people start coming back on the island a few days ago. When we got down here we realized although we lost a lot it could have been worse. Some people lost everything they had.

My husbands mom lost everything because the water was about 10 feet deep in her apartment and she is staying with a friend. The cats are all ok! Can you believe they all made it through 3 weeks of no electricity, food, and very little water? They are a little spooked but were so happy to see us!

My parents house made it out with no water damage and only roof damage. My sisters house had about waist high water, but luckily they live on the second floor and it was only storage underneath. They had roof damage and lost their washer and dryer along with everything in storage.

Our house on the other hand was a complete nightmare. The roof had major damage, the ceiling caved in and our bed was completely covered in mold and was a total loss, we had 4 broken windows and I lost all my scrapbooking stuff, and everything we had stored in our back room upstairs (wedding keepsakes, sentimentals), we had about a foot of water in our house which doesnt sound like a lot, but it ruined the hardwood floors, the kids playroom which kept all of their toys is a complete loss, it happened to be laundry day when we left so all our clothes in the hampers (90% of our day to day clothes) was completely molded and stunk to high heavens, washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove, fridge, treadmill, couches, everything flooded and if not molded, destroyed. glass everywhere, pool busted, siding fell down, window sashes fell, fence blew down, back fence completely down on all sides, bbq pit gone, trees down, the works.

Luckily our car was ok since we brought it with us. My sister's car flooded and so did her husband's. In addition, a tree fell on his truck. My dad's truck flooded, so did my brother's truck and his girlfriend's car, my parents RV was flooded as well.

We have been doing everything we can to recover but it is going to take a loooooong time. We finally have electricity, but the water is still unsafe to drink and there is no gas.

One good thing is that the girls' bedroom came out completely unscathed, so they are able to sleep comfortably in their beds in a familiar place at last. They have taken it the worst. I feel so bad for not being able to make them feel safe. They had not been sleeping or eating well and didn't know from day to day what was going on and why everyone was so sad. My 2 year old was getting very scared of everything and all 3 of the girls were very clingy. I just pray that this does not affect them for the long term. We stayed in our house for the first time last night since the evacuation 3 weeks ago. They all slept straight through the night and woke up so happy this morning! They were so happy to be home.

The Pretty Scrappy design team has been amazing! They all teamed up and sent us gift cards to get things we need, and clothes and toys for the girls! We now have an air-bed to sleep on and we all slept better than we have all month. We now have some clothes, food, diapers, formula, milk even! The kids have toys to play with and they are so excited. I am so amazed at how many people care so much. The mail was held until yesterday so it all came in at once and my husband and I just cried like babies as we opened and read each card and have never been so appreciative of anything in our lives. It's crazy how much we take for granted. This has opened my eyes up to a whole new world and I will never be the same. I thank God for the little things in life that we have come to rely on and the people that have helped us out in a way they will never truly know.

We are living in 2 rooms upstairs and the rest is in the process of being fixed. The hard part is over... it can only get better from here. I see a light at the end of the tunnel and each day we will get closer and closer to "normal." Thank you all so very much for all the uplifting comments and support. You all really mean the world to me in a time like this. Every single one of you. Thank you so much for your prayers. God really pulled through for us.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Pretty Scrappy CU blog train is rolling into town!

Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for your nice comments, thoughts and prayers during such a hard time for me! I have an update for you all following this post, but for those just here visiting for the blog train I will make a separate post. We have a brand new store and totally new look! Lots of great things in store for everyone at Pretty Scrappy. Hop on the blog train and ride it to the end for some fabulous Commercial Use freebies!

First I want to show you a couple items I have in the store. They are both CU ok and you can pick them up for 1.99 each!

My computer is down and I have limited access to a lot due to the hurricane so I am sorry I do not have a preview made up for my freebie. It is a commercial use overlay and you can get it here.

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