Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wanna get RAK'ed and score some free kits?

Hi everyone! I will be getting back in the swing of things within the next month, so if you have been collecting the freebies from my Live, Laugh, and Love collections, have no fear... I'm coming back and the new stuff will be better than ever!

I wanted to post that there are 3 RAKs available in our forum with no replies yet, so head on over and express your interest to receive some free kits! Click here

Also, we just recently opened up our new store, so head on over and enjoy 35% off your entire order. (Discount will be automatically deducted at checkout)We have over 30 designers with hundreds of items to choose from! Come celebrate with us! Click the image to join in the fun!

My little girl just had her 1st birthday and I cannot help but share a quick pic. I had no time to edit it so forgive me, lol


Julie P. (babyofmine) said...

I need a nice RAK! (heehee, couldn't help myself)

And what's there to edit? That picture is adorable!!! :D

Tanya/TiggerRD said...

Adorable photo! Happy Birthday to your sweetie!

I can't get to your site without having my Antivirus program telling me it's blocked a major virus. Oh dear!

Super Daysh said...

I just checked some old messages and found that I had a comment from you about posting one of my blogs or LO's on DST and possibly doing a guest spot for you- I would love that! Shoot me and e-mail if you are still interested.