Monday, June 8, 2009

Crossing my hybrid fingers!

I worked up the nerve to apply for the Scrap Matters hybrid CT. Wish me luck! I just uploaded a few of my hybrid projects to their gallery. Wanna see? Feel free to leave me some love if you'd like. ;) he he

Hybrid Curved Flap Card
Hybrid Mini-Backpack

Hybrid Pillowbox

So I don't know when I will hear back but I am crossing my fingers and toes. I want this so bad!

Did I tell you all I was invited to join the hybrid team at Digiscrap Addicts? Woot Woot! In this month's "Enabler" coming next week you will get a tutorial on how I made the curved flap card in the first link above. Fun fun! It is my new addiction! I am TOTALLY honored to be a part of such an awesome site!

On that note, here is the template that I created for the project. It is available at Pretty Scrappy.

Pick it up here for only 2 bucks for a limited time.

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