Friday, May 1, 2009


Happy (Inter) National Scrapbook Day!!! There is so much fun going on this weekend, I don't even know where to start. I first want to let you know that I am matching all orders all weekend long. For example, if you spend $5 in my store I will give you a $5 coupon! All coupons will be emailed on Monday. Oh, and this is on top of the huge sales going on as well and is at both Pretty Scrappy and Digital Candy!

Check out the fun things going on at Pretty Scrappy:

Everything at Pretty Scrappy is 50% off today and 35-60% off Saturday and Sunday!

All Weekend Events:
Treasure Hunt with Julie
Lyric Challenge with Wendy
Recipe Challenge with Nikki
Mother's Day CU Challenge with Angel
Look for RAKS in our Little Birdie Told Me forum

Fri May 1
Trivia Chat With Casey at 9PM CST (7PM PST, 8PM MTN, 10PM EST)

Sat May 2
Speed Scrap With Martha at 10AM CST (8AM PST, 9AM MTN, 11 AM EST)
Bingo With Pam in Chatroom at 1 PM CST (11AM PST, 12PM MTN, 2PM EST)
Bingo with Rachael at 9 CST (7PM PST, 8PM MTN, 10PM EST)
Speed Scrap with Jewel at 7 PM CST (5PM PST, 6PM MTN, 8PM EST)

Sun May 3
Scavenger Hunt with Kelly at 3PM CST (1PM PST, 2PM MTN, 4PM EST)
Speed Scrap With Wendy at 6 PM CST (4PM PST, 5PM MTN, 7PM EST)

Month of May Challenges

Color Challenge
Create a Card Challenge
Doodle Challenge
Garden Sampler Challenge
Let's Get Creative CU Challenge
Let's Go Hybrid Challenge
Plan Your Garden LO Challenge
Scavenger Hunt
Shaken & Stirred Challenge
Speed Scrap - view our calendar for dates and times throughout the month
Template Challenge

Now check out all the Digital Candy NSD fun:

Everything at Digital Candy is 30% off this weekend!

Click here to shop Digital Candy

Click here to shop Pretty Scrappy

Take advantage of the sales and remember you will get a matching coupon for your entire order from my stores on any items from me in addition to the insanely awsesome sales! Have a great weekend!!!

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