Friday, April 10, 2009

Retiring, great news and free template

Ok, I cannot wait to spill the beans.... I am now designing for Digital Candy! I know, how cool is that?? And to top it off, this weekend is $1 sweet sensations where tons of items are only $1 including a couple of mine! Click here to see my brand new store and click here to take a peek at the $1 deals!

Here are my $1 items over at Digital Candy right now. Click the previews below.

I also have a few more surprises up my sleeve to be revealing in the coming weeks. To start, I have changed my design name from Pretty Scrappy to my real name Casey Krause. It gets a little confusing at times when my design name is the same as the store I sell at, LOL. I also have a new fan blinkie. Here it is... Snag it, wear it and if you link it to one of my stores, come back and post a link for me to see and I will send you a special something to show my gratitude!

Link to Pretty Scrappy:
Link to Digital Candy:

I am doing a little spring cleaning in my store at Pretty Scrappy to make things a little neater and more organized. This weekend I will be bundling up Live, Laugh, and Love and actually retiring these kits for good so if you are missing any pieces make sure to snag them. After the weekend I will have them bundled as 3 individual sets for a (very) limited time! I have 3 kits I am working on now in addition to some new CU items, and even word art! To make room I have decided to retire a few of my older things... You can get them for only $1 each this weekend only! Sunday at midnight these babies will be locked away in the vault for good. :) Click the previews to grab em for only $1.

And of course I have something to share with you all! Here is a little template freebie I drummed up... It is commercial use ok as well. Click the preview to download.

Happy Easter everyone!!!!


So~Inkin~Cute said...

Hi Casey!!! Thank you so much for this awesome template!! And it's even CU!!! That's great!! I love it!

Happy Easter to you and yours. I hope you're doing really well. I checked out your shop at DC yesterday and I have most of your kits. My favorite thus far is "In the Neighborhood!" That kit rocks!

I'll go to DC again today and look through everything. Since your retiring the Live, Laugh, Love series, I better go make sure there's not something that I can't live without! I know I pondered buying one of the sets before...I love all your work so they're all fabulous...the one that I liked the best was the green/blue one, but I can't recall which one that one was. I'll go look now. I'll check both stores because I am not sure if everything is at DC or not.

Talk to you soon, my dear!


So~Inkin~Cute said...
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So~Inkin~Cute said...

hahaha! sorry, here is my post with my links containing your blinkie. One on my blog and one at DC! :-)

And on my blog you'll find a link to your site on the right-hand side, scroll down... :-)