Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Live" ABC bragbook: E

Wow, has anyone ever had a CAT scan done? Let me tell you... That was definitely an experience. I have been having horrible back pains and the x-rays weren't showing anything, so they sent me for a CT scan. They had me on a IV and injected my with an Iodine "contrast medium" and I laid down on the bed inside this huge donut. When the machine started, all of a sudden I could feel this intensely warm heat originating from my heart and spreading through my body. Now this was a totally weird sensation as it was warm in the core of my body, not the surface at all. I was the only one in the room due to the radiation, so I started to freak out! I said "Hello??? What's going on? Something's not right!!!" So they came on the intercom and asked if I was feeling warm, and they told me it was normal. Come on! You could have warned me! lol Anyway, after I knew that feeling was normal the rest was a breeze. Well enough about me... On with the freebies!

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chicapooh said...

Thank you for another terrific bb page!

LVMommy22 said...

i would think they would have told you about the warm sensation! that would've freaked me out too! glad the scan went ok after that.

this page is sweet! i'm not usually a fan of circular photos, but i love the little flowers framing this one! thanks!

Sharon Kay said...

Why couldn't they have warned you? That was downright inconsiderate of them. Hope your results are ok!

Thank you for this brag book page!

I'm having troubles finding 4x6" scrapbooks (I'm meaning post bound you can add pages to the book to expand it) locally. Have you thought about carrying them in your store?

Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

oh, dang! they should have told you about that. Well, I hope at least it leads them to find why you're in pain. :)

Thank you for the bb page. :D

Suz said...

Happy,Happy July 4th!! I most definitely love this piece to the book!!! Thank you for sharing your “FANTABULOUS” designs with all of us and I hope this...♥Giant Hug♥...will make your day even better! Btw…I linked you up on my blog too!!

lovetocraftbetty said...

I forgot to come back here yesterday after I went to your shop, so, I'll just post my comment now.

I've never had a scan where they had to inject dye - that would have freaked me out too!! Thanks for sharing your experience, it gives the rest of us a bit of warning!!

Love the colors in this page - thanks for sharing!