Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I bet the loyal Pretty Scrappy fans out there have been wondering where I've been. I don't even know where to start, lol. In a nutshell... We went to the circus, I have been having dizzy spells from the vertigo, a couple low blood sugar attacks, my husband's grandmother came to visit us in TX from Cali, countless dr. visits, my mother-in law had a birthday, and so did my brother-in-law, my husband and I have been working out our own personal issues that just came to a head yesterday, and I have been getting collab kits ready from the Pretty Scrappy design team. Whew!

My 2 year old had soooo much fun at the circus, and has been talking non-stop about it! All I have heard in the last 24 hours is: (and I quote) "Mama, Tiger dancing! Mama, Pucky Bog (puppy dog) jump reeeeeel high! Mama, pucky bog slide, wheeee! On tummy! he he he! And and, El-phant! And, and, and, and, and, mama, mama, mama, mama, Chloe like it!" lol!!!

I will be making up some freebies for you tonight, so look for them soon!


LVMommy22 said...

whew, you've been busy! is the vertigo getting any better yet? sounds like the circus was utterly fab! glad to know you haven't been laid up.

Ariana said...

Pucky bog! How cute is that??

Julie P. (babyofmine) said...

that's a lot on your plate! We'll just keep stalking your blog. LOL

"pucky bog" ~~ love it! :)

Julie P. (babyofmine) said...

oooh, oooh!! I made a stalker blinkie and put it on my blog. LOL

lovetocraftbetty said...

I hope all your issues are being resolved - who needs all the stress!
The circus sounds like it was fun - your little daughter is so sweet.

I usually pop in every day just to see what's happening.