Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pretty Snappy by Pretty Scrappy

I'll be posting a new freebie for you all later tonight, but for now I finally decided to put together something new. It is called Pretty Snappy, lol. Read on to see how you can get 5 customized snaps FREE for a (very) limited time!

This versatile set includes 175 snaps with assorted phrases.

***SPECIAL*** For a limited time only. For each purchase I will customize up to 5 snaps with whatever you want them to say! When you checkout, list your 5 choices in the comments section and I will send them to you within 24 hours (sometimes within minutes, I live at my computer, lol)

***BONUS*** I will include 30 popular names for FREE! That's 215 total snaps! Here is the list of names included: Abigail, Aiden, Andrew, Anthony, Ava, Casey, Chloe, Christopher, Daniel, Elizabeth, Emily, Emma, Ethan, Hannah, Isabella, Jacob, Jayden, cJennifer, Joshua, Madison, Matthew, Michael, Michelle, Noah, Olivia, Sophia, Steve, William, Zane, Zoe

This set is all-inclusive! Here's an idea of some of the phrases you will find in this set. All the signs of the zodiac, Each month of the year, years 2005-2011, 1-12 months old, 1-12 years old, letters of the alphabet, and tons of miscellaneous phrases!

Here are a few to give you an idea: My Little Man, My Little Girl, This is my Life, Little Princess, Little Big Boy, All About Me, Gotta Love Me, Live Laugh Love, One Day Old, One Week Old, Life's A Beach, Sisters For Life, I am so Loved, 90% Angel, 10% Devil, Splish Splash, Taking a Bath, Friends Forever, Apple of my Eye, Butterfly Kisses, Little Cutie Pie, FAMILY, FRIENDS, MEMORIES, sweet dreams, sleepy head, my little one, it's play time, whatcha lookin' at, i'm a BIG girl, i'm a BIG boy, sweet as candy, starlight, starbright, i'm a big kid now, party time, celebrate... Just to name a few!!!

Only 2.99
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dragonflysarah79 said...

These look great! is there any possibility of getting the full list?, so i can then choose different ones for you to personalise?

Kyrsten said...

23Thanks my buttons are DLing right now!!

Did you see this freebie - it goes perfect with you kits!!!

Sharon Kay said...

Ok...I bought this...and I just want to let everyone know...these are fantastic looking! I can see myself using these a LOT!

Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

oh, this is gonna take FOREVER to tag in ACDSee. ROFL
I'm just sayin. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a quick question, I am going to order these buttons (SOOOOO CUTE), my question is the ones you personalize for me, how can I get a couple extra? I wanted to get the names of my name, my daughter, nieces & nephews and there are 7. We all have not so common names, so I find it VERY difficlut to locate items with our names on them.

Thanks so much,